The Fluid Body, Meeting in Flow

Experiential CI/Improvisation workshop next to the blue sea at Chania city, in Crete. A dance and somatic summer time in touch with nature!


1st of Nov. - Hours: 13.00-18.00 &

2nd of Nov - Hours: 10.30-15.30

by Christina Klissiouni at  studio  OXO NOU

For dancers, contacters, amateurs of movement with some experience.

An intensive workshop that creates space for personal and group experiential work based on interdisciplinary somatic practices, for encounter, exchange and sharing. An opportunity to explore your awareness and love for movement at an inspiring environment that brings nature close to Greek culture and history.

In these 5 days we explore Contact Improvisation skills as well as Improvisation skills based on Somatic practices and contemplative movement. We practice awareness listening to our inner impulses, the expression of internal movement pathways that support fluid connectivity. The experiential work allows better possibilities to communicate physically with our partner on the basis of ease, availability and relaxation. Spirals and the interplay of tonality through intentional touch will become our language that supports flow, change and the unexpected in our contact improvised dances.
On the basis of somatic practices such as Body-Mind Centering, Shiatsu and the Alexander technique, using hands-on work and contemplative movement, we bring the attention to sensorial perception; we move our interest to different parts of our bodies through deep sensing and becoming more sensitive to subtle or more sudden shifts of muscle tone. Consequently, the expression of our response, our communication with our partner, becomes more authentic and satisfying. 

Thus we practice skills in Contact Improvisation giving emphasis to the sequential and supple pouring of weight aiming towards an elastic, soft and strong body that can easily respond to contact with sensitivity and awareness; we explore the challenge of ‘containing’ fluidity so that we are able to counterbalance the forces that we meet. Falling and flying can occur safely, with support. We constantly look for ways of maintaining our released state and alertness in moments of surprise and the unknown. Through specific exercises, we learn how to find connectivity in our own body and permeability in the connection with other bodies. We inform qualities of movement, various dynamics, accessing our muscular-skeletal systems in relation to connective tissue, the fluids and fascia.

“Meeting” the forces arising from being in contact with another moving body skillfully, creates delightful, inspiring compositions in the moment. We meet space, time, any playful shifts of rhythmical and energy states cultivating presence through enhanced attention in order to engage fully in our dances.

In the workshop we also explore Authentic movement practice that supports inner movement and trust; the development of solo material reflects our state of being and gives meaning to our dance. Scores of improvisation open our selves to playfulness, spontaneity and communication in solo, duet and group formations.

An important part of our practice is how to give feedback enriching our experience on a conscious level.

Cost: 80 euro + 23% tax.
If the workshop is prepaid until Oct. 25th the price is 70 euro + 23% tax.
Booking in advance is necessary with 40€ deposit until Oct. 25th at the account:

Account number:
ΙΒΑΝ λογαριασμού:
Christina Klissiouni

In case of cancellation by the participant, the deposit is non-refundable.

Studio «oxo nou»
29 Aghias Kyriakis, Chania city(area Tabakaria)
tel. 0030-697 269 4294