Edges and Balances

Present Body studio organizes  a 2day masterclass workshop with Nita Little, one of the founders of Contact Improvisation.

Edges and Balances in Contact Improvisation and Contemporary Dance

Saturday 11/10, hours 13.00-18.30
Sunday 12/10, hours 13.00-18.30
at Studio Soma, 11-13, Thoma Oikonomou str. Neo Psichiko
We welcome dancers, contacters, movers with a working experience in CI
When we dance from our edges as well as our centers we not only become more expansive dancers, but we become more communicative and response-​able.  This workshop will study the physicality of attention while attending to physical skills through the nexus where CI and Contemporary Dance intersect. 
​We will work in solo, duet, and ensemble forms. 
Lecture  Friday  10/10  at 20.00, at Present Body Studio
Why we are Actions not Objects: A socio-political ethics of dance.  
Dr. Little will discuss ideas from her dissertation that speak to what dance teaches us about being human and acting socially. In this work we will define ourselves by what we do and how we do it. We will discuss the materiality of our attention, our bodyminds in action - especially in dance action. Turning to 50 years of dancing, she explains why we need to think through a philosophy of relations from a dancers’ perspective. 
Cost of workshop: 80 euro(+tax), deposit: 50euro until October 5th
Lecture: 7euro
Contact Improvisation silent Jam
Sunday 20.00-22.30μμ 
Cost: 5euro
Booking is necessary. There is a limited number of available places. 
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Bank account: 353-002101-025504
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Christina Klissiouni