A message from Christina Klissiouni

I am passionate about assisting dancers to stretch their creative abilities and reach their artistic and technical goals in the realms of Contact Improvisation, improvised dancing, and the movement of both the body and the mind. I act to stimulate students’ emotional, expressive, physical, and creative range. My work with embodied mind greatly influences my vision and my ability to read the expressive power implicit in body language and each moving moment. I encourage the development of these skills while supporting dancers in getting delight and profound respect for the functional play of bodies surfing the physics of motion and the deep connections possible between people.

I aim to clarify and enhance the meeting ground of expression and function. There is incredible communicative strength in that ground where the universal in us all meets personal experience. I share and explore structures which draw out dancers’ emotional and physical integrity while they embrace the dynamic interplay between inner and outer space.

I am also interested in the meditative aspect of movement- dance and Contact Improvisation in particular where sensation and the delight of being in a flow, meet the creative mind, imagination and human communication. In my view, the form of CI includes art, contemplation, therapy and athleticism in a very natural and complete way.

What is neutral space and how do we move from that state? When I teach I often encounter the issue where the dancer’s physicality and flow get blocked by the movement of his thinking patterns that activate certain emotions. Personality traits may interfere with his creativity. Through this practice, the mover can learn how to broaden the range of his choices using his idiosyncrasy with awareness in his responses. Thus I encourage training improvisers in the art of listening, developing an awakened, relaxed and sensible body as a base for deeper connection to the self and to the others. I always enjoy soft and strong, communicative dances where the movers recognize details that become the source of inspiration and affect their physical dialogue as a whole. How do we find freedom and fullness from an empty space?

As dancers we engage ourselves to develop and enhance our skills in movement. We study about relationships creatively, we learn about support and trust through the process of being in the moment; the mystery of the unexpected is revealed to us when we let go of holding on to our thoughts, our energy and we let ourselves to being touched. Then we experience a feeling of expansion, the space becomes more silent and present.