Space Description

After a lengthy period of renovation and diligent work, in 2009, Christina Klissiouni transformed the old printers’ workshop at Exarchia into a dance studio, Present Body, space of somatic movement and performance research. Α modern 300sqm space is designed to convey calmness, warmth and a refined atmosphere of creative inspiration. Great care is given to create architectural forms that use materials such as wood, stone, iron and glass to offer a relaxing and friendly environment that promotes concentration for practice, safety and creative inspiration. The studio offers an 85sqm practice room of oak floor to absorb vibration in movement, an 80sqm auxiliary room for body work and two dressing rooms with showers. The school provides a comfortable climate control space with specially designed natural and artificial lightning.

The educational program includes labs in contemporary dance, somatics and release techniques, contact improvisation, composition and improvisation as well as individualized somatic therapeutic practices based on body psychotherapy, Gestalt and shiatsu. The courses are tailored for performers, dancers, actors who wish to improve their physical skills, to other professionals such as dance therapists, psychologists, athletes, alternative therapists and individuals with a broad interest in movement, beginners who wish to learn new skills in movement re-education and discover ways to express themselves through their physicality.

Present Body proposes an integration between art and therapy using somatic movement work practices as a vehicle to discover one’s kinetic potential in movement and in stillness as well as his/her physical articulation that brings clarity, freedom in expression and communication. As we dance we experience connections between the physical and the energetic planes. Experiential work brings the dancer in contact with impulses that create inner pathways of energy in the body. In this process one may become more aware of the resistances that inhibit flow and change while they, simultaneously, reflect behavioral patterns, the way one conducts his life. Thus understanding the body and its expression as a life mirror one may begin or continue his personal investigation to seek greater depth in relating to oneself and to the others through the therapeutic process that body psychotherapy offers.