Christina Klissiouni was born in Athens. Initially, she studied History and Dance at Deree College in Athens (Bachelor of Arts, 1986). She continued her studies in New York (1986-1990) focusing on contemporary dance forms. More specifically, she trained on Merce Cunningham technique attending the professional training program for 4 years, labs with Trisha Brown dance teachers and Jennifer Mueller technique for one year. She regularly trained privately with release techniques such as the Alexander technique for 4 years, Hatha Yoga for 2 years, Improvisation and Contact Improvisation since 1987.

Through the course of time, she studied movement and improvisation attending workshops with significant teachers in the fields of New Dance, Performance Art and Contact Improvisation (the pioneers of CI and many other teachers from the second and third generation of CI), Action Theatre (Ruth Zapora), Authentic Movement, Body-Mind Centering, and in Voice (Meredith Monk Co., Lisa Sokolov, Kostas Iliopoulos, Karen Solomon, Roy Hart theatre and others). Simultaneously, she practiced and studied the Alexander technique in depth with Kim Jessor (Director of  the ACAT in New York), Ted Mc Namara (London) and many others. She also studied other Release techniques such as Feldenkrais, J. Skinner, Susan Klein techniques. Contact Improvisation is the base of her movement research and her work as a teacher and choreographer since1987 when she attended her first six month lab with Stephanie Skura in NYC. She works in Athens teaching workshops and continuous classes in the form of on-going movement research laboratories to professionals as well as non-professionals directing her own school, Present Body, Center of movement and performance research.

Since 1990 – 1991 Christina has introduced release techniques / somatics and contact improvisation (awareness through movement) in the dance community of Greece.

1992 – 1993 she taught at the State School of Dance (for two academic years), Athenaeum Music school for 3 years and collaborated with Lefteris Vogiatzis (theater director) and Nea Skini, training his well established company, for 5 years. Christina travels abroad often and collaborates with respected colleagues and teachers in the field of Contact Improvisation and New Dance. She has been participating as a CI teacher in more than thirteen European CI teachers’ conferences (ECITE) that take place at different parts of Europe and at numerous international festivals.

In 1992 she founded Helix Dance Company in order to choreograph and perform with various dancers / performers / improvisers.

Teaching Intensive workshops as a freelancer

In the past 20 years, she has taught intensive workshops and performed her work in: Berlin (Tanzfabric 2001), Oslo (twice), N.York, London, Rome, St.Petersburg, Freiburg (International Contact Improvisation Festival), Budapest (International Improvisation Festival), Amsterdam, Istanbul, Nantes – France (2015, 2017), Heidelberg (2016), Tubingen (2015), Vienna (2017), and Paris (2017 & 2018).

Since 1991 she has taught numerous intensive workshops in Greece, in many places besides Athens, such as: Chania at least 15 times since 1995, Thessaloniki at Vis motrix studio organized by Konstantinos Gerardos (twice), city of Patras 6 workshops at Tatiana Loverdou Studio (1993) and elsewhere. Since 1992, she has been teaching 3-4 weekend workshops regularly in Athens, at various studios in the city as well as at her own Present Body Studio (since 2009).

During the last 28 years, she has been inviting prominent teachers of CI and movement improvisation such as: Nita Little, Kirstie Simpson, Daniel Lepkoff, Charley Morirssey, Andrew Harwood, Bastian Auber, Leor Ophir, Gabriel Greca (Argentina), Saliq Savage (USA), Shahar Dor (Israel) and Suprapto Suryodarmo (Indonesia) .

Since 1998 her work with master teacher Suprapto Suryodarmo deepened her approach to contemplative movement / improvisation. His work Amerta movement brings man in contact with nature within and connects himself with his inner source through ritual, religiosity and awareness of his present being. Free movement supports one’s self to be continuously mirrored in the process of performance on stage, at the studio, in the street, in nature.

As a choreographer/ performer, she has produced a number of dance pieces with Helix Dance Company collaborating with performers from Greece and from other countries. She presented her performance work such as:

Dawn’s Well” (1993),
Knots & Roses” (1994),

Embracing the Daemons & the Diamond” (1999),

Dark Blue, Almost Black” Butterfly” (2002, 2003),

Silent Decision” (2004),

Typography, Choreography…in continuity” (2004)

’Performance improvisation at the Acropolis Museum’’ (2011), in collaboration with Teti Nikolopoulou, Timos Zehas and Constantinos Rizos. In June, they presented their work at at the International Contemporary Dance Festival in Thessaloniki.

’Present bodies in Contact’’ (2012) in collaboration with Teti Nikolopoulou and other 8 dancers at Chora theatre (Athens)
’Space in time’’ (2013) in collaboration with Teti Nikolopoulou, Timos Zehas and musicians

‘’Clinamen’’ (2014) a mini festival of teaching and performance organised by Present Body Studio in Athens and in London. The improvisation performance was presented at Kinitiras Studio in April and in June at Tripspace in London. The festival was organised and produced in collaboration with Vanio Papadelli and 3 other performers.
’’Oblivion of the body’’ (June 2015) with Teti Nikolopoulou, Timos Zehas and the musician Vangellis Katsoulis
’’ Words of the Senses’’ Contact improvisation performance with Bastian Auber (2016)
’’Contemplative movement with Suprapto Suryodarmo’’ Performance with Suprapto Suryodarmo at Buddhist center in Tuscany Italy (2017)




Initially, she started psychoanalysis (psychodynamics) for herself in New York (1987-1990), and continued group analysis in Athens for another 4 year period (Systemic Group Analysis). By the end of these cycles, she proceeded to another investigation integrating Wilhelm Reich’s theory and work on character analysis and body psychotherapy with her experience as a movement teacher, performer and therapist. She took her diploma as a psychotherapist, training at the Institute for Body Psychotherapy in Athens, a school that is acknowledged by the European Association for Body-Psychotherapy and PESOPS (the Greek Association of Psychotherapy). She attended workshops with important teachers in psychotherapy such as Bert Hellinger, Bjorn Blumenthal, Genovino Ferri , Maria Louisa Aversa, Francois Lewine. She also trained in Gestalt with Barrie Simmons on a two and a half year Master course and on Vegetotheray (Character analysis and Body Posture/ Body Alignment) with Alberto Torre for two and a half more years finishing her second master for therapists. Today she is a certified supervisor for body psychotherapists, accredited by Genovino Ferri and EINA institute. She has participated at a number of conferences in Greece offering labs where she combines her experience as a somatic/ movement teacher and a body psychotherapist. She taught a 7 hour lab at the Pre-congress of EABP in Athens in 2016. The last 20 years she has been working privately as a psychotherapist at her own practice space Present Body offering private sessions as well as group sessions. She is a member of the European Association of Body Psychotherapy.




She started her education and practice in Shiatsu in Athens in 1994, taking her diploma, after a three-year training course, from the European School of Shiatsu that is based in Athens since 1993. She attended a number of workshops with Cliff Andrews and Master Pauline Sasaki. In 2017 she participated at European Shiatsu congress in Vienna. Since that time she continuously offers private sessions at her practice studio Present Body. She is also a regular member of Shiatsu association in Athens.