Summer retreat in Greece with the exceptional master teacher Suprapto Suryodarmo

 "Breathing Being at the Garden of Healing Apollo”

6 day summer retreat Amerta movement meditation
with the exceptional master teacher from Indonesia

Suprapto Suryodarmo

19th to 24th of August 2018

(5hrs daily)

We extended our registration dates till 30th of June!


An intensive workshop on awareness and the art of being present through free form movement meditation will take us into an experiential journey to the core of ourselves. Relaxing the body-mind we come into contact with our essence, our true spirit, our creative potential. The practice encourages mindfulness and the movement of our heart while we come into contact with unnecessary habits and mechanisms that inhibit our expression.

Through this process we discover pathways that connect us to our inner space experiencing flow, pleasure and a sense of expansion. Discovering ways to sink into our selves, we learn how to support our being with trust. From the state of presence we communicate, we inter-relate, we allow our selves to play and express our authenticity in oneness. Suprapto with his exceptional teaching, brings religiocity, art and nature into the practice. He offers us a unique way to embody images that release memories, sensations, emotions and mirror our true self that reveals our story. 

The retreat can be attended by anyone interested in meditative movement. There is no need for physical or technical skills on dance and movement in order to participate. Practitioners from any kind of meditation practices, performers, artists, therapists as well as people from various professions are all welcomed.


Since 1970, Suprapto Suryodarmo (Prapto) has studied free movement, Vipassana, and Javanese Sumarah meditation techniques – placing these practices within the nature, temple, and human field. He was initiated into Javanese Theravadin Buddhism in 1974 and also created a new ritual art that he titled “Wayang Buddha” (Buddha's Shadow-Puppet). In 1986, Prapto established his own school Padepokan Lemah Putih, a uniquely landscaped garden in Mojosongo, just north of Solo, Central Java. He has taught and performed in Indonesia, Europe, the UK, Australia, USA, Mexico, Japan, India, and the Philippines for over 20 years. The main intention of his Joged Amerta movement work is to develop a way to lessen the sense of identification through the practice of movement arts. Hence, it is more than an approach to improvisation; Joged Amerta is a practice cultivating an attitude towards life.


In 1997, Suryodarmo initiated “Sharing Movement” circulation in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Australia; and “Web Art Garden”, a worldwide network of artists and presenting organizations. In 1998, he served as an artist delegate at the ASIAN-Europe Meeting II in London, UK; and in 2004 presented in the Asian Traditional Arts Festival: Shaman Festival in Seoul, South Korea. Prapto is a founding member of Yayasan Dharma
Samuan Tiga in support of Art & Religiosity in Bedulu, Bali; and a charter founder and chairperson of the board for the International Foundation for Dharma Nature Time, an International cooperative foundation.


He has taught and performed in Indonesia, Europe, the UK, Australia, USA, Mexico, Japan, India, and the Philippines for over 20 years. Suprapto has taught 10day retreats in Greece a number of times since 1997 until 2000, organized by Christina Klissiouni. The environment of Greek land, its rich culture and the special light of our country have been very strong resources that influenced deeply both himself and each participant. We are honoured and very happy to announce this workshop and share it with Amerta community.


Dance performance at Tachelles, Berlin 1999. ''Embracing the daemons & the diamond'' 
Suprapto & Christina Klissiouni & Slamet Gundono


Abelionas retreat Center at Arkadia - Pelloponisos in the south Greece.

Abelionas is a stone-built village, an idyllic place secluded in the mountains, surrounded by magnificent nature which you will have the opportunity to explore by walking next to beautifull springs and quiet paths.
Close to the significant archeological site of Epicurious Apollon temple and Neda waterfalls.




We extended our registration dates till 30th of June!

Registration procedure

1) workshop fees - registration:
270€ deposit plus 65€ tax, plus 4€ bank commission /expenses concerning money tranfer and deposit  total 339€ covers your booking for the workshop that costs 515€ 

In the initial announcement we mentioned that the cost of the workshop is 450€ but this amount does not include 24% tax that we pay in Greece for such services. We are very sorry for this important omission. 

This amount does not include the one common meal that we share every day and this costs 15€ per day.
On the 19th of August, that is, the first day of the retreat, you should complete your payment for the workshop.

Piraeus bank of Greece 
Address: 80 Ippokratous street & 4, Methonis street, zip 10680
Athens, Greece
The Iban of my account is the one that is written on the mail/newsletter. 
Iban: GR31 0171 0030 0060 0301 0117 551
Receipient: Christina Klissiouni 
Cause of deposit: your name, Summer retreat 

Any commission requested by the greek bank (4-5 euros) should be paid by the depositor.
Please notice that there is no refund in case of cancellation.

2) Accommodation and food: 
You can book the room at the retreat by sending 30% deposit directly to Abelionas retreat Center.

Accommodation per person @Abelionas retreat Center
a) Single room with double bed 85€ per day
b) Double room shared by two persons 55€ per day
c) ) One spacious room that can acomodate 3 persons 40€ / person since 3 of them are sharing one appartment (with an extra bed that is added)
d) Two suite apartments with two spacious rooms that can accommodate three to four persons cost 155€ per day.
for example if 3 persons are sharing the room the cost will be 52€ for each one of them. If it is 4 peorle sharing the room it will cost 40€ per person.

Breakfast is icluded in the prices. There will be one common meal that costs 15€ per day. When you make the deposit to book your room, you will be asked to pay additionaly 27€ towards the total cost for food which is 90€ for 6 days.

Concerning accommodation, food and traveling please contact:

Mrs Georgia Angelopoulou
Sales Manager @ Abeliona Retreat
0030 210 628 8461


Option one: Athens airport or Patra city to Andritsaina village at Peloponissos by hired car or by bus (KTEL arkadias 0030 2710 222 560 - (KTEL bus company form Athens-Kifissos 0030 210 5124910, 0030 210 5124911, 0030 210 5132601). From Andritsaina village you can hire a taxi that costs 20-25€ to drive you to Abelionas retreat (15').

Option two: Kalamata city / airport to Abelionas village, we can hire a mini van in order to transport the participants. The total cost of the van is 130€ and the amount will be shared depending on the number of occupants!
The distance between Kalamata - Abelionas is 70kms and it takes about 1hr and a half to get there.
The meeting for this transportation will be in the morning at the 19th and our practice will start in the aftrenoon after lunch. 



Life as Giving - Prapto Suprapto Suryodarmo / video by Izabela Jaroszewska
Interview with Suprapto Suryodarmo
Dance in the Gonpa  - performed Prapto Suprapto Suyodarmo / video by Izabela Jaroszewska