Improvisation and Contact Improvisation workshop with Charlie Morrissey (UK)

Present Body Studio is organizing

Improvisation and Contact Improvisation workshop with Charlie Morrissey (UK)

“Making ourselves up as we go along..”

November 4th & 5th      Hours: 10:00-16:00

The workshop concerns dancers, actors and amateurs with experience in movement/ improvisation who are interested in deepening their exploration in the performance art of improvisation.

This workshop plays with different ways of imagining and experiencing the body in relation to its interior, to other bodies, and to space and environment.

We will explore the body as substance, structure, and as a perceptual and imaginative proposition – one which we are actively inventing as we go along.

The workshop focuses on the body as a mass of molecules in relation to the physical forces exerted upon it from within and without; and the body as a constantly shifting perceptual experience set into motion by the imagination.

These different ways of contextualizing the body will be playfully explored through practical exercises and improvisational scores, working solo, with a partner and ensemble.


Charlie Morrissey is a director/choreographer, performer, teacher, and researcher, and has been working in the field of performance for nearly 30 years.

He creates large and small-scale site-specific and theatre and gallery based performance work in diverse contexts and locations; organises and collaborates in a variety of performance research projects; and performs and collaborates in the work of other performance makers.

He has significant and ongoing working relationships with Steve Paxton, Siobhan Davies, Lisa Nelson, Kirstie Simson, Scott Smith, Katye Coe, K.J.Holmes, Andrea Buckley; Katie Duck and others.

Recent and upcoming projects include: On Off – a solo performed at Tanzwerkstatt Europa in Munich; Test Pieces with Rosemary Butcher as part of her retrospective in Berlin; This thing that we do - a Wildcard performance with Katye Coe at Lillian Baylis Studio at Sadlers Wells; What Happens When - a commission from Joint Adventures with Andrea Buckley, Orlando Gough and members of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra performed in Munich; Materials rearranged to be with Siobhan Davies Dance currently on tour; performances created with students at Northern School of Contemporary Dance and the University of Limerick; A new work with Colin Poole coming up in the Summer; a new group work Excerpts from an Encyclopaedia of Experience coming up in the autumn. Charlie also continues his teaching internationally for dance companies; conservatoires and university departments of dance, as well as for independent organisations and festivals.


Participation fees: 80€
For Present Body members, participation fees: 70€
Advanced payment for participation: 40€ deposit (until 20th of October).
There is a 5€ discount if the amount is fully paid until 20th of October (75€).

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