Contact Improvisation/Somatics/Contemplative Movement workshop with Christina Klissiouni(Greece)

Contact Improvisation/Somatics/Contemplative Movement workshop with Christina Klissiouni(Greece)

Sat. Sun 30/9 & 1/10, 2017    Hours: 10:00-18:00

“Breathing changes, embodied connections”

The theme of this weekend intensive CI workshop proposes an exploration on the means to develop meaningful physical dialogues using our physical and emotional intelligence as well as our instinctual self. As we develop our CI skills through somatic practices, we focus on mindfulness, presence, the healing aspect of touch that connects us with our creative spirit in dancing dialogues.

To whom it may concern:
CI technique/skills in combination with experiential contemplative work offer the ground for beginners in contact/dance to discover possibilities in their expression and dialogues in relation to the other/s, making sense of their movement through “simple, basic” exercises focusing on the principles of CI. Experienced contacters are invited to deepen their practice and give a new dimension to their approach in CI touching various states of presence in their dance, taking risks on other levels of their being.
All levels.

Our work supports physical expression and communication based on self-awareness; we study non-identification in the movement that paradoxically defines us at the same time. We witness ourselves in continuous changing that is happening inside as well as outside. We practice movement in order to re-member, to discern what is natural and what is peculiar, what is necessary and what isn’t. Easiness and functional movement come with less ambition, less imposition, less fear. Meeting the other with fresh, curious eyes allows trust, breath, presence in the development of our dance stories.

In our class:

• We study tools from CI/hands-on work and meditative movement based on Suprapto’s Suryodarmo work (Amerta Movement) and Vipassana in order to enhance our sensorial skills of perception that allow our inner resources, our emotional being, our fantasy, our instinct, to be revealed.
• Navigating time, space, energy factors through slow dances, we sense and feel more before acting to connect within first. Learning how to let go, open the gate to our resources of expressive motion.
• Connecting with our inner movement, our physical form becomes more clear as we make choices while dancing. Touching our quiet, safe space within, we experience flow and presence in stillness and in movement.
• We become more aware of space, the way we touch and connect with the others; how do we touch with our mind, our attention, our senses. How can we dance from our authentic self?
• We practice mirroring of ourselves while dancing developing a platform of trust and acceptance as we share the expression of our being.
• Defining our limits more clearly, we create passages of communication with inspiration and fulfilment.

Sharing our experience is an important part of our group work.


Christina Klissiouni (Greece) is an international dance teacher acknowledged by CI community, performer, choreographer and body psychotherapist. In her dance classes, she combines her profound experience and exploration as a teacher/performer on CI skills/practice with her long practice and knowledge working as a body movement psychotherapist, Gestalt therapist and zen shiatsu practitioner.

She is a pioneer of CI/Somatic approach to movement/dance in Greece, training professional dancers as well as non-professional movers who became interested in an alternative approach to connecting with their physicality with more awareness. Her work is a 35 year-long exploration of movement/dance study based on Somatics & CI. She started her practice in CI in 1987 studying with the first generation of teachers in NYC (1986-90). Besides her training as a contemporary dancer (Merce Cunningham technique), very early on in her studies, she started exploring BMC, Alexander technique, Yoga, Authentic movement, Kinetic awareness, Skinner releasing and other practices that deeply informed her dance practice based on experiential anatomy. Improvisation has always been the foundation of her work. She runs her studio Present Body in the center of Athens since 2009, teaches and performs in numerous festivals/venues in Europe, USA, Asia cultivating “contact” based on awareness, on all levels.
She has co-taught intensive workshops and/or performances with Nita Little, Ray Chung, Ka Rustler, Mary Prestidge, Nien Mari Chatz, Angela Doniy, Shahar Dor, Saliq Savage and many others. She has been deeply influenced by the teachings of master teacher of contemplative movement- ritualistic performance and awareness practice based on Vipassana meditation and improvisation-Suprapto Syryodarmo from Indonesia.

In the last 3years, she has taught intensive workshops at Freiburg CI festival, at Israeli CI festival, Grenoble festival, CI festival in Amelia-Italy, in Nantes, in London, in Tubingen, in Heidelberg and many other places.

As a Body/Gestalt psychotherapist, she is a member of the European Association of Body Psychotherapists (EABP) and offers private as well as group sessions regularly, parallel to her long work as a CI/Improvisation teacher.  (