Composing in the moment

On Fridays 21/04 in the evening will take place a workshop independent from the internship of 7:30 pm at 9:30 pm followed by a jam (price list 8€ member, 10€ not - member, free for the participants)

Practical information

Public: internship open to all

Dates: 5 days, of Wednesday, April 19th (from 10 hours) in Sunday, April 23rd (In the day).

Hourly amplitude: 5 hours a day.

Price lists: deadline of registration April 5th, 2017

Full price list: 160€ before the 17mars then 180€!!

Reduced rate: 140€ (members, RSA, no employee)

Please indicate your name, first name, address, telephone and e-mail address, accompanied by a check of 70€ deposit to validate your registration in the order of Eponym, in the following address:

Dauvé Stéphane
9 av st Thomas
44100 Nantes


SUAPS of Nantes Université
3 bld Guy Mollet 44300 Nantes
tramway stop "facultés" line 2
There is a big parking lot in front of the room
The room is attached most to the left of the quoted(esteemed) gymnasium boulevard, with a white door


Possibility of accommodation(hosting) at the inhabitant, to contact the association by email.

You can contact us!

Stéphane Dauvé 06 76 94 35 87/

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Somatics, Contact Improvisation, Contemplative Movement practices

Composing in the moment

with Christina Klissiouni(Greece)

In these 5 days we explore core questions that arise when we move, as we improvise. What is contact? How do open our attention to the inner world of sensations, emotions and imagery that lead into “meaningful” dances where we engage with what is. How do we maintain and how do we connect to an authentic and resonant inner experience that supports our movement expression in space? Staying in contact with our own process, getting in touch with our passion for movement exploration, we face questions as we enter into physical dialoguing with another dancer.

Being in a state of dance, in stillness and in motion, we search for clarity, mindfulness, support; awareness through movement gives us an understanding of ourselves while we get involved with another human being. Each meeting creates a story that arises and reveals this delicate balance of awareness with the other. Can both movers stay present while being true to their own inner adventure? Can they collaborate creating pathways of inspiration for each other? Is there a sense of the whole space while sharing the dance with another? How do we play with the basic factors that affect our dance, that is, with energy, space, time?

Our Tools

Presence through touch and spatial awareness is our platform. We develop CI skills using hands on work (Somatic practices) to bring mindfulness, embodiment and inspiration from our fascia systems. Exploring energy, tone and a wide range of pressure in our bodies, we experience soft and elastic movement, our 3dimensionality, connectivity, unity and flow. The depth of pressure and shifts in tone as we release tension, determine the movement language of our dance in relation to our partner and space. Being in touch with the oscillations and the inner pulsations that become pathways of energy and deploy into movement, we experience fluidity, musicality, better connections that support integration.

We discover the poetry in our dances.

As we enhance awareness, we open ourselves to being creatively responsive, consequently, expressive. Unpredictable changes in dynamics, levels, touch, weight sharing and speed as perceived by our partner too, become the canvas of our mutual composition in the moment. We are interested in breaking habits safely.

CI becomes a dance meditation, a play of qualities or “states of being” as we improvise.

It is strongly recommended that participants have already been on a continuous working process of experiential practice on the principles of CI. It is important that movers have already acquired some physical understanding of one's use of weight dancing alone or together in flow.


Christina Klissiouni is a movement/dance teacher, performer and choreographer based in Athens, Greece. She is also a body psychotherapist, movement psychotherapist and Shiatsu practitioner. Her work is a 30year-long exploration of movement study applying her experience from various modalities in Somatics into CI. During her studies in NYC (1986-90) as a contemporary dancer, she started her practice in CI in 1987 studying with the first generation of teachers. Since 1991 she teaches dance/CI regularly, organizes workshops and performs in Athens and other places in Greece. In 2009 she opens her own studio, Present Body, center of movement & performance research where she teaches daily classes/labs on awareness through movement and CI for all levels. Christina has been travelling in various cities of Europe, Asia and the U.S. teaching at numerous CI festivals, venues and ECITE events. Since 1993 she has been co-teaching and organizing 10day intensives with prominent CI teachers from other countries. The Indonesian master Suprapto Suryodarmo has profoundly influenced her work. Dance and particularly, CI as well as therapy support her to consistently study and share with others what means “being in contact with the essence”- to study our humanness through the language of physical and emotional intelligence. This is the second time she is invited to teach intensive workshop in Nantes.