Clinamen: a 3-day Contact Improvisation festival

Αγαπητοί φίλοι και συνεργάτες,

If you are in London at the end of June, please come and join us for Clinamen: a 3 day Contact Improvisation Festival on the 27th-28th-29th of June!

Please find more info below.

Clinamen: a 3-day Contact Improvisation festival

Where: TripSpace Projects (London) 
When: Friday 27th – Sunday 29th June 2014
Four international performers - Tamara Ashley (UK), Christina Klissiouni (Greece), Lior Ophir (Israel) and Vanio Papadelli (Greece, UK) - collaborate to present a three-day event of Contact Improvisation. After two residency phases (Present Body studio - Athens and Penpyn Farch - West Wales), they come to TripSpace to share their work inspired by the notion of “Clinamen” and Liquid Body. Through a 3 day workshop, 1 improvised performance, 1 convivial event and a jam, they propose ways of exploring fluidity that encourages mindfulness and body spaciousness.

This event is open to everyone with a passion for movement and a mind open to movement exploration and improvisation: beginners and experienced dancers of Contact Improvisation are welcome.

Photo by Maria Pavlaki
1 day workshop: £35/£30
2 days workshop £65/£55
3 days workshop £85/£75
Sunday jam: £6/£4
Performance – Saturday £8/£7
Whole event: £90/£80 early bird - conc

EARLY BIRD 15th of June 2014

Visiting information
TripSpace Projects, Arches 339-340, Acton Mews, London E8 4EA
T. +44 (0)2079239417
Nearest Tube: Haggerston Overground
Bus: 149-242-243-67 on Kingsland Road



The Liquid Body: 3 Day Contact Improvisation Workshop

This is a three-day workshop taught by Tamara Ashley, Christina Klissiouni and Lior Ophir, each one giving one long session of four hours a day (See timetable Liquid Body 1, 2 and 3). On the last day, the workshop will close with a jam led by Vanio Papadelli. Each teacher will offer their individual perspective regarding the notion of Liquid Body.

The sessions will suggest ways of bringing the attention to perception, moving our interest to different parts of our bodies through deep sensing and becoming more sensitive to subtle or more sudden shifts of muscle tone. Together with the sequential and supple pouring of weight, we will explore the challenge of ‘containing’ fluidity so that we are able to counterbalance, fly, and support. We will look for ways of maintaining our released state and alertness in moments of surprise and the unknown. Through specific exercises, we will learn how to find connectivity in our own body and permeability in the connection with other bodies.

Tamara’s session (Friday 12pm-4pm) offers the opportunity to access sensations in the fluid and skeletal systems of the body and to explore how sensations of flow in these systems inform qualities of movement in solo, duet and group formations.

Christina’s session (Saturday 2pm-6pm) explores the expression of internal pathways that support fluid connectivity. We will listen to the streams of energy and communicate physically on the basis of ease and relaxation. Spirals and the interplay of tonality through intentional touch will become our language that supports change and the unexpected in our contact dances.

Lior will share in his session (Sunday 1pm-5pm) his knowledge and curiosity about how we can use our softness, liquid quality, the connective tissue (Fascia) and the elasticity of our body - into a physical and acrobatic dance, with minimum effort. Taking that into contact improvisation – playing, dancing, jamming, flying.




Saturday 28th of June from 8.30pm-10.30pm
Clinamen quartet: by Christina Klissiouni, Tamara Ashley, Vanio Papadelli and Lior Ophir
CI trio: by Robert Anderson, Rick Nodine and Simonetta Alessandri

Clinamen quartet is a structured-improvised performance that emerges from collaborative processes. It is inspired by the notion ‘Clinamen’, the Latin term Lucretius gave to the unpredictable small swerves of atoms in order to defend Epicurus’s doctrine of atoms. The term is considered to be a basic axiom of contemporary physics in the theory of chaos. The accidental, unpredictable and subtle meetings of the atoms within undefined spaces stimulate changes to the predetermined course of gravity. The resulting vortex becomes the cause of creation in nature. This indeterminacy, according to Lucretius, provides the "free will which living beings throughout the world have”.



BIOGRAPHIES of Clinamen group

Tamara Ashley (UK) practices dance improvisation and durational performance, and has particular interest in working sensitively in response to bodies, sites, communities and the environment. As an improvisational performer, she has presented and taught nationally and internationally, and continues in depth research in somatics, improvisation, digital arts and environmental performance. Interested in mindfulness practices, Tamara is an RYT200 Yoga Teacher, Senior lecturer in dance (University of Bedfordshire) and Artistic Director of dancedigital.

Christina Klissiouni (Greece) is a dance teacher, performer, choreographer, body-psychotherapist and shiatsu practitioner based in Athens. Her work is a 34year-long exploration of movement/dance study based on Somatics & CI. She started her practice in CI in 1987 studying with the first generation of teachers in NYC. She runs her studio Present Body, teaches and performs in numerous festivals/venues in Europe, USA, Asia cultivating “contact” based on awareness, on all levels. (

Lior Ophir (Israel) is a dancer, improviser, performance artist, Shiatsu therapist, engineer, teacher, student. Since the end of the 90’s, Lior practices, teaches and explores various forms of movement, dance, body/mind and awareness. He has been invited to teach and perform in numerous festivals and projects in Israel and throughout Europe, Asia and America.

Vanio Papadelli (Greece/UK) is a movement/physical theatre performer, maker and teacher (Goldsmiths and Rose Bruford College). Through professional experience and a Practice-based PhD she has been developing a practice called Attunement that draws mainly on Contact Improvisation, release-based techniques, and Eastern European Laboratory theatre. Vanio has led and participated in performances and residencies in Greece, UK, Italy, Poland, Germany, Egypt and Lebanon.

Clinamen: a 3 day Contact Improvisation festival is hosted by TripSpace Projects, and organised by Present Body Studio (Christina Klissiouni) in collaboration with Vanio Papadelli.